Code of Conduct for Metropolitan Cemeteries Board Licensed Funeral Directors 2020/21


As a condition of your licence as a Funeral Director licensed by the MCB, you agree to adhere to the provisions of the MCB’s Code of Conduct which are – 
1. Comply with all laws of the State, in particular:  Cemeteries Act 1986 (WA), Cremation Act 1929 (WA), Cremation Regulations 1954 (WA) and the Metropolitan Cemeteries By-law 1992 (WA) and all State of Emergency Declarations and Directions issued by the Western Australian government. 
2. Comply with all MCB  policies and procedures 
3. Align your conduct with the MCB values of compassion, respect, understanding and integrity. 
4. Interact with MCB employees and contractors with professionalism, courtesy and respect. 
5. Ensure the prompt release and disclosure of the whereabouts of a deceased person to the person or entity holding the legal right to seek the release or information without requiring prior payment.  
6. Not engage in unprofessional conduct of a character likely to deceive, defraud or harm the families you serve, MCB staff, or the MCB, in the course of providing professional services.   
7. Treat the deceased with respect and dignity and to respect the personal choices of families, including their religious beliefs, rites and cultural practices. 
8. Maintain the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct. 
9. Maintain, in all circumstances, the confidentiality and trust placed in Funeral Directors by clients, their families, members of the public and MCB staff. 
10. Ensure that all employees are suitably qualified and competent, including being trained to complete required administrative and operational tasks to a professional standard. 
11. Ensure that all facilities and equipment (including vehicles) are adequate for all services rendered to the community as required by the relevant authorities. 
12. Accurately complete all MCB administrative requirements in alignment with relevant legislation and MCB procedures, noting that this may require a mix of digital (online) and analogue (paper) forms.  
MCB Funeral Director Licence Conditions of Issue 2020-21 Approved by the Board 9 April 2020              Page 3 of 10                           page 3/11   
13. Ensure all MCB paperwork signed by a client using electronic means is completed in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Act 2011 and the signature is identifiable and verifiable , using a process that would be found reliable if challenged. 
14. Provide complete information to clients concerning the range of services available and their associated cost, and the functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of clients by Funeral Directors. 
15. Provide a written estimate of all funeral charges and disbursements at the time of taking instructions from a client, or as soon as is practicable and include a clear breakdown of charges on a line by line basis in client quotes and tax invoices. 
16. Include a full list of benefits and obligations that MCB paid-for services provide, such as for pre-paid agreements. 
17. Offer clients the option to choose to have a viewing and a committal service. 
18. Pay the set funeral services fees prior to the service if no account facility has been established with MCB, and finalise accounts within MCB’s terms and conditions. 
19. Facilitate filming a funeral service for the family’s private use where the filming has been authorised by the next of kin or the client making funeral arrangements (in accordance with the MCB Filming a Funeral policy). 
20. Comply with the Funeral Director’s Licence Conditions of Issue.