Fremantle Cemetery

Fremantle Cemetery was established in 1898. Bounded by Leach Highway, Carrington Street, Sainsbury Road and Stock Road the cemetery occupies 46 hectares of land and is a place of major historical significance.

Fremantle Cemetery is equipped with a crematorium and three beautiful chapels. The facilities cater for a culturally diverse population and offer a wide range of monumental and lawn burial areas and memorial gardens.

The opening of the Fremantle Mausoleum in 2005 has further expanded the range of options available to families.

Funeral Protocol

The funeral cortege will arrive in the main driveway where it will wait until the scheduled time. Mourners can gather in Samson Pavilion and follow on foot behind the cars to the chapel or burial area. Alternatively, mourners can gather in Carrington Pavilion for chapel services and move toward the chapel area once the funeral cars arrive.


This policy provides guidelines for families placing flowers
and tributes within the cemetery grounds.