Masuoleum Tradition – the tradition of above-ground entombment in a mausoleum has existed for thousands of years.

In many countries around the world, mausoleums are popular for their ability to commemorate and honour the dead in a place specifically designed for dignified repose.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB) has built five beautiful public mausoleums, each with its own unique style and character, which allows the Western Australian community access to this distinguished form of final rest.

We invite you to visit our mausoleums at your leisure or you can download the Mausoleum Information Brochure.

For those with Italian or Croatian family members with limited English language skills, the Board has developed brief summary guides in both languages. These provide a broad overview of the mausoleums and can be requested via telephone or by downloading below:

Italian Mausoleum Brochure

Croatian Mausoleum Brochure

Purchasing a Crypt

Crypts at all mausoleums can be purchased at the time of bereavement (at-need) or can be purchased prior to bereavement (pre-need). To ensure a reservation in a preferred location, pre-purchasing is advised. Please contact Client Services on 1300 793 109 to arrange a complimentary selection appointment.

Pre-Need Purchases

Crypts may be purchased prior to the time of need and will be reserved by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board until required. Pre-purchasing gives your family the peace of mind of knowing that your crypt is available for the future in a safe and secure facility. The entombment fees may be pre-paid or otherwise the fee will be payable at the time of entombment. If you are interested in securing a crypt for the future, our Client Services staff will be pleased to show you the available options.

Certificate of Entitlement

Each crypt or ossuary compartment is sold with a certificate of entitlement. This provides you with exclusive entitlements to the crypt.

Grant of Right of Entombment

The Grant of Right of Entombment is granted for a period of 25 years and can be extended to 50 years on application. The 25-year tenure will commence upon purchase of the Grant of Right of Entombment.

Flower and Ornament Policy

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is committed to maintaining its cemeteries and memorial gardens to a high standard.

We thank our visitors for observing the guidelines described in the Flower and Ornament Policy regarding the placement of flowers and ornaments within the mausoleums, which are as follows:

  • Vases, receptacles or figurines are not permitted on the ground in the mausoleums and will be removed without notice.
  • One small picture of the deceased and one artificial flower can be affixed to the crypt shutter prior to the inscription being finalised. Once the crypt facing is completed, these items are no longer permissible.
  • Care should be taken when using adhesive tape or re-usable adhesives (e.g. blu-tack) as these may mark the granite if excessive quantities are used or left on the crypt shutter for extended periods. Families using these adhesives need to do so with the knowledge that it may permanently mark the granite.
  • Artificial flowers may be placed in the vase on the granite facing of the crypt.
  • Fresh flowers are permitted in your crypt vase at the time of the funeral. These will be removed within five days or when withered. For hygiene and safety reasons, fresh flowers are not permitted in the vases from this point forwards.
  • Fresh flowers are permitted in all mausoleum areas at the time of the funeral, Christmas, Easter, All Souls Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or the deceased’s birthday or anniversary. These will be removed by Board staff after five days or when withered.