Cremation Agreements

Cremation agreements are a common inclusion in funeral packages purchased as part of a pre-paid funeral. A cremation agreement is, in effect, prepayment of the fee for cremation.

All cremations in metropolitan Perth are undertaken by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. Cremators are located at Karrakatta, Pinnaroo, Fremantle and Rockingham.

If you choose a chapel service at a non-cemetery location the Funeral Director will transport the body to one of the four cremation locations after the service has concluded.

For those not wishing to make all of their funeral arrangements as part of a pre-paid funeral, a simple option is that the cremation agreement can be purchased directly from the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board and provided to the Funeral Director at the time of need. This will reduce the overall financial cost of the funeral at the time of need and also ensures that the cremation fee is secured at current pricing.

It is important to know that all cremation agreements issued by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board include an allocation of chapel time at Karrakatta, Fremantle or Pinnaroo.

Many families are not aware that a chapel allocation is included in the fee and often pay additional monies for the use of a chapel facility that is not located at the cemetery. Cremation agreements do not expire. They are non-transferrable.

If you are arranging a pre-planned funeral you need to be aware that the cremation fee includes chapel time at the cemetery or memorial park.

Additional blocks of time can be purchased if a large service is anticipated or if family members wish to remain in the condolence lounges for longer. If you wish to use the inclusive chapel time you need to make the Funeral Director aware of this and request that the funeral takes place at Karrakatta, Fremantle or Pinnaroo.