Bon Scott Memorial Gate removed

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board would like to dispel any rumour of the Bon Scott Memorial Gate being stolen.

The Bon Scott gate located near the corner of Carrington St and Leach Hwy of Fremantle Cemetery has not been stolen. Community members and the legion of followers can rest easy.

A vehicle has impacted the gate on the evening of Wednesday 31 January and caused considerable damage to the gate and surrounding brickwork.  Staff at Fremantle Cemetery worked quickly to remove the gate for repair and cordened off the area. 

The MCB endeavours to have the gate and brickwork repaired promptly.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

The Bon Scott gate has been removed for repairs at Fremantle Cemetery.

Posted by on Wed, 07 Feb 2024 in News