Bon Scott Memorial Gate returned

The gateway to Bon Scott memorial has been repaired. Our Minister, the Hon. Hannah Beazley MLA added the finishing touches to the memorial gate near the corner of Leach Highway and Carrington Street at Fremantle Cemetery this morning.

Thousands of visitors pass through the gate each year to pay their respects to the iconic AC/DC frontman. The rock legend is included in the Heritage Trail at Fremantle Cemetery. For more information about the trail, head to or visit the trail at Fremantle Cemetery. A map is available from the front of the Fremantle administration building.

Left: Our Minister, the Hon. Hannah Beazley adds the finishing touches to the restored Bon Scott Memorial Gate at Fremantle Cemetery

Middle: the Hon. Hannah Beazley MLA, MCB CEO Kathlene Oliver and the Hon. Simone McGurk MLA.

Right: The Ministers with the crew from D and L Building Services.

Posted by on Fri, 15 Mar 2024 in News