Application Process

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  1. Applications are received by the MCB by the end of the advertised closing date and time.
  2. Your application will be assessed against the work related requirements as listed in the Job Description Form.
  3. You may be shortlisted if you meet all the work related requirements and invited to an interview.
  4. Interviews are organised.
  5. From all the information gathered from the applications, the results of the interview and referee reports received, a suitable person is recommended for the role.
  6. All applicants are notified of the results of their application.
  7. If the process is a recruitment pool, suitable applicants are placed in a pool. See the Recruitment Pool page for more information.
  8. Unsuccessful applicants are given a 4 day breach (appeals) period during which, if they feel there has been a breach in the recruitment process, they can lodge a breach to the MCB.
  9. If no breaches have been received by the end of the four days, the recommended applicant is officially offered the position.
  10. Please note: other assessments may be required prior to offering the vacant position to the recommended applicant. For example, a pre-employment medical examination or a Work Personality Index Test may be part of the process.
  11. It is recommended that if not selected, you contact the identified person and ask for feedback on your written application and or your interview.