Employee Profiles

Hear from real people who work at the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board


Gardener at Karrakatta

I work on the gardening team and attend to the various gardens throughout Karrakatta Cemetery, improving and maintaining their standards as needed.
I work with a great team of qualified horticulturalists and grounds people. I also work independently in designated areas of the cemetery.
I really enjoy working at the MCB as the work environment is very supportive and the gardening work is tremendously enjoyable and fulfilling. My work day is well structured and includes a diverse variety of tasks which allows me to implement various horticultural practices, landscaping skills and also share and exchange knowledge with my colleagues and even with members of the public when they come to visit their loved ones

Memorial Services Officer at Pinnaroo

My job is to place all the memorial plaques (including burial plaques) in the memorial areas around the park. This also involves assisting families in placing the ashes of their loved ones with the memorial plaques they have chosen. I also transfer ashes from MCB urns into decorative urns and keepsakes purchased by families.
I work as part of a small, but very busy Client Services team. I work autonomously carrying out a lot of my day to day tasks but I also work closely with the memorial officers and other members of the CS team. Part of my job also involves working with the families/clients that come to our office.
I enjoy working for the MCB because the people are friendly and the hours suit my family’s situation. I find my job very rewarding and I am also lucky enough to spend a lot of my day out and about in the grounds of the park.

Cemetery Planning and Development Officer, Karrakatta

The role of Sustainability Officer involves a wide range of responsibilities involving the sustainable use of cemetery land for burials and cremation. This includes collection and analysis of data regarding future planning for burial and memorial areas, facilities and infrastructure. It also includes working with the Planning and Operations teams to provide design, planning and development for the reuse of cemetery land.
The role involves working and liaising closely with other departments within the organisation such as Operations and Client services across all sites, as well as other members of the planning team.
The MCB has a wide and diverse range of employment opportunities making it a very interesting and unique place to work. There are also opportunities to digress and develop new skills within different departments within the organisation. The small body of staff make it a very personal and enjoyable place to work.

Governance Officer, Karrakatta

I assist with the development, management and implementation of MCB’s corporate governance, accountability, risk management and policy frameworks. I also coordinate internal and external reporting.
I provide behind-the-scenes support to the Minister, Board, CEO, Directors and other staff. Everything I do is targeted at improving services to the Western Australian community. Although I spend most of my time in front of the computer, I try and get out to meet other colleagues in client services and the operations areas.
I love working at the MCB which has a caring and understanding culture. The grounds, whether at Karrakatta, Pinnaroo or Fremantle, are just beautiful!


Team Leader (Burials) at Karrakatta

My role is to plan and perform operational duties including funeral services, landscaping duties and provide leadership and guidance to team members.
In my role I work with 7 staff members in the burials team and continually work with internal staff, funeral directors and stonemasons.
I believe the MCB is a great place to work due to the flexible working hours, excellent training opportunities and the excellent culture exists in the operations department.

Operations Supervisor at Karrakatta

In this role I’m responsible for overseeing the day to day work of the five operations teams: crematorium team, burials team and three grounds (landscape) teams. I also liaise with the Co-ordinator of Operations on a daily basis to ensure he is kept up to date on services provided, project time lines, staff issues, maintenance requests and the day to day running of the cemetery. The role was created to be a two way support role, I offer the team leaders and team members support and also support the Co-ordinator by removing some of the day to day issues from him allowing him to concentrate on more of the infrastructure management of the cemetery.
I also undertake the overseeing of various projects working in liaison with the planning department staff and any involved contractors to projects are carried out in a timely manner and with minimum disruption to the services offered at the cemetery.
I work with the other members of the operations team at Karrakatta, also answering queries from our client services dept. and liaising with the planning team in the ongoing upgrading of grounds and facilities at Karrakatta.
I find my job to be very rewarding, I enjoy the work and the people I work with and get satisfaction in knowing we provide a great public service to the community of Perth as is shown by some of the positive feedback we get.


School Based Trainee

Working in a service desk role, I respond to staff requests for assistance with IT related issues.
I work with other IT staff, to provide a service to all MCB staff across all the sites. I am currently working in a team environment but eventually I will be working on my own.
I am enjoying working at MCB, I am learning how to navigate myself around the IT office and around the workplace. I am enjoying my time here and hope to be working here in the near future.

Human Resource Officer at Karrakatta

My role is to provide accurate and timely advice and services in relation to recruitment matters, employment conditions, training organisation, promoting of health and wellbeing and general administration support to all levels of staff at MCB.
I work in a small but very active team full of Payroll Officers, HR Officers and one OSH Officer. We work very closely and always try to assist one another to get the job done. A lot of the time, I also work alone to process transactions like contract extensions or inducting new staff members.
What I enjoy most about working at MCB is the uniqueness of the industry, and the variety of things you actually get to do on a day to day basis. One day you’d be working on organising Asbestos Awareness Training, and the next it would be designing the recruitment portal on the internet. I like the challenge of doing many different things at the same time. It never gets boring. Not only that, but the supportive environment and friendly people you work with really makes it a great and unique place to work.