Cemetery Renewal Overlay Maps

The maps on this page are provided as a point of reference for research purposes and are indicative for the purposes of navigation. Technical drawings are utilised for operational cemetery purposes. The maps show the historical and current geography within a section that has undergone cemetery renewal. Each map contains the following:

Grid of historical burial locations. Cemetery renewal does not disturb existing remains. These locations may have had a headstone on the grave or may have been unmarked graves.
Location of new graves in between the old graves, memorial gardens or site facilities.
Burial locations (with headstones) that have been retained in-situ.

Maps are available for download for personal use. Reproduction and republishing (including in digital form), is not permitted without permission of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. Printed copies can be requested over the counter at Karrakatta Cemetery. Printed copies of individual maps for the purposes of family research are provided free of charge to families. Bulk copies or requests for multiple maps (3+) will incur a research fee. A copy of the map and a Book of Remembrance listing all historical interments is physically located in each section. The location of the Book of Remembrance is marked on each map.

Brethren Area Overlay Maps

Brethren AA

Chinese Area Overlay Maps

Chinese AA & BA

General Area Overlay Maps

General BA

Japanese Area Overlay Maps

Japanese AA