Natural Burial Area at Pinnaroo ValleyIn a departure from the granite headstones and manicured grounds of the conventional cemetery, natural burials offer the community a unique and sustainable final resting place with minimal disturbance to the natural bushland environment.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has established a natural burial area at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park. With a natural burial, the body is returned to nature in a biodegradable coffin and materials made from natural fibres. 

Natural burials at Pinnaroo are located in a small and secluded bushland pocket. Bordered by traditional burial locations and memorial gardens, this unique pocket of bushland will be progressively vegetated with natural plant species as plots are utilised.

Natural Burial Area at Pinnaroo Valley
Further Information

For more detailed information on natural burials, download a Natural Burials brochure. Alternatively, contact Client Services on 1300 793 109 if you prefer to have a copy mailed to you.

Enquiries regarding natural burials can also be directed to your Funeral Director, or for those wishing to pre-purchase a natural burial plot, to Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park on 1300 793 109.