Construction has now commenced on Stage Seven of Karrakatta Mausoleum. For information regarding the new Mausoleum, please click here.


Karrakatta All Saints Mausoleum  


All Saints Mausoleum courtyard with St Jude statueThe newly completed All Saints Mausoleum was blessed by Father Marcillinus Meilak on Sunday 6 November, 2011.

As a central point of focus within the new Mausoleum, an impressive statue of Saint Jude provides a watchful presence throughout the terraces upon which crypts are arranged.

The Apostle Saint Jude Thaddeus or, more simply, Saint Jude, is "The Miraculous Saint”, the Catholic patron saint of "lost causes" and "cases despaired of." When all other avenues are closed, Saint Jude is the one to call upon, and his help often comes at the last moment. Saint Jude was one of the Disciples of Jesus -- he is distinguished by the fact that he often wears and holds a golden metal pendant of the type carried by people seeking his aid. Additionally, in some images of Saint Jude, there is a small flame atop his head, signifying the Baptism by Fire.

A grand ficus tree also provides a point of focus within the mausoleum. It provides a watchful presence throughout the terraces upon which crypts are arranged.

Incorporating space for 788 interments, crypts are available in a number of configurations. The mausoleum also incorporates several family rooms and the Chapel of Saint Jude; a small and intimate chapel for repose and quiet reflection. 

The All Saints Mausoleum is located approximately 200 metres from the first Karrakatta Mausoleum. The two facilities are linked and can be accessed through the Contemplation Gardens memorial area. 

Crypts within the mausoleum are available for selection and families are invited to register their interest or to arrange a complimentary selection appointment by contacting Client Services at Karrakatta on 1300 793 109.

A visitor map of the All Saints Mausoleum can be downloaded here.


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  • All Saints Mausoleum building exterior
  • All Saints Mausoleum courtyard
  • All Saints Mausoleum chapel
  • All Saints Mausoleum leadlight windows
  • All Saints Mausoleum terrace
  • All Saints Mausoleum outdoor crypts


Karrakatta Mausoleum and Ossuary

Established in 1937 as Western Australia’s first mausoleum, Karrakatta’s garden crypt mausoleum and ossuary is located near the historic heart of Karrakatta Cemetery, just a short walk from Railway Road.

The building, inspired by Mediterranean designs, is crafted from quality materials sourced both locally and overseas, and features many beautiful statues, mosaics and artworks that celebrate the important figures and periods of Christian history.

With the completion of stage five at Karrakatta, the staged construction of the first mausoleum has come to an end. Only crypts in stage five adjacent to Contemplation Gardens remain available for purchase.  Those families wishing to secure a crypt are strongly advised to pre-purchase to avoid disappointment.

Download a map of the Karrakatta Mausoleum here.


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  • Karrakatta Mausoleum building entry
  • Karrakatta Mausoleum garden terrace
  • Karrakatta Mausoleum terrace
  • Karrakatta Mausoleum bronze Pieta statue


The Karrakatta Mausoleum Ossuary provides families with a range of options for remembering and honouring departed loved ones.

The ossuary is available for:

  • The placement and memorialisation of cremated remains
  • The entombment of skeletal remains previously interred
  • The entombment of skeletal remains of a person previously entombed in a mausoleum crypt.

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  • Karrakatta Ossuary


Further Information

For more detailed information on the Mausoleums and Ossuary at Karrakatta Cemetery, please download the Mausoleums information guide. Alternatively, you can contact Client Services on 1300 793 109 to request a copy be mailed to you. 

For those with Italian or Croatian family members with limited English language skills, the Board has developed brief summary guides in both languages. These provide a broad overview of the mausoleums and can be requested via telephone or by downloading from the links below:

   •  Italian Mausoleum Brochure

   •  Croatian Mausoleum Brochure