Karrakatta Memorials

A memorial plays an important role for those left behind and future generations to come.

It is a place of focus. A place to reflect. A place to visit. A fitting tribute and a site of import for future generations.

A memorial should be genuinely special. Whether a big plaque or a small plaque, a seat, a tree, a rock; the range of memorials available at metropolitan cemeteries is as diverse as the community for whom memorial gardens are established to serve.

An enormous team of gardeners lovingly tend acres and acres of gardens; all with their purpose of providing respectful and splendid locales for commemoration.

In recognition of the need to find something particularly special and the fact that establishing a memorial really does require attention to be spent of the finer detail, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board offers complimentary memorials selection appointments at all of our cemetery locations. To arrange an appointment, please contact the cemetery of choice on 1300 793 109.

The original purchase price will include the first inscription (i.e. the first commemorative plaque and set of ashes). For additional inscriptions (i.e. additional commemorations), a smaller fee is paid at the time of need. For those not selecting a memorial with the capacity to accommodate multiple family members but wishing to make arrangements for the future, we strongly advise that an adjacent position alongside the first be reserved.

At Karrakatta Cemetery, the largest public cemetery in Western Australia, you will find a wide range of memorials to commemorate a loved one in a tranquil and unique setting.  Memorial options include:

Standard Grevillea

Standard Grevillea

Standard Grevilleas are spectacular flowering Australian natives that are symmetrical, evergreen, water wise and long flowering. They are ideally suited to the Perth climate whilst still being able to exude the style and elegance of a standard styled propagation.
Tree of Life Karrakatta Cemetery

Tree of Life

Hand carved from the finest granite, the Tree of Life supports a number of bronze leaves each of which provides a heartfelt way to commemorate the life of a loved one within the classic gardens of Karrakatta.
Karrakatta Cemetery Memorial Wall

Memorial Walls

Memorial Walls, situated amongst the lush and serene garden settings at Karrakatta, afford a prominent position for a double or single memorial plaque. The ashes are placed in the garden adjacent to the plaque position.
Karrakatta Cemetery Memorial Tree

Family Shrub and Trees

A native or exotic shrub or tree creates a unique living memorial for an individual or group of up to four. There is a wide selection of shrubs and trees to choose from at Karrakatta Cemetery.
Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance

Today’s Book of Remembrance at Karrakatta

Infants’ Butterfly Garden

Unique to Karrakatta Cemetery is the Infants’ Butterfly Garden an enchanting memorial garden designed to commemorate the lives of children up to the age of six. 

Memorials selection appointments are complimentary and involve a short visit to the cemetery grounds with one of our staff members who will assist in locating a preferred memorial and will then guide you through finalising the inscription (i.e. wording) for the plaque. Prior to the appointment, many families have found visiting the cemetery or memorial park and having a wander through the grounds to be beneficial, as is having read the Memorials – Celebrating Lived Lived selection guide. By doing this you will be able to advise our staff of your preferences. Please contact our offices to arrange a time for a selection appointment. We recommend allowing approximately one hour for your appointment. Most families prefer to send several family members to their selection appointment and we welcome this.

Click here to view the Children’s Price List.

Please refer to Karrakatta Memorial Products Map for memorial options available in each location at Karrakatta Cemetery.

Commemorating Lives Lived

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