5.  Grace Vernon Drake-Brockman (1860-1935), heroine 

Grace Drake-Brockman (nee Bussell) was a member of an early settler family. The name of the south west town, “Busselton”, is derived from the family name. Grace became a young heroine at the age of 16 when, together with Aboriginal stockman Sam Isaacs, she rescued women and children from the surf off Calgardup Bay, south of Prevelly.

These people were passengers on the S.S. Georgette, which ran aground on 1 December 1876. Grace headed into the surf on horseback and together with Sam Isaacs, managed to pull a number of the shipwrecked passengers to her home, Walcliffe House, giving them food and shelter.

News of the incident spread and Grace was awarded a silver medal and a gold watch by the Royal Humane Society. It is said that the story prompted Frederick Slade Drake-Brockman to ride 300 kilometres from Perth to meet Grace. They married in 1882.