42.  Dan Shea (1837-1908), prospector 

Dan Shea was born in County Cork, Ireland, and emigrated in 1868 to prospect on the goldfields of Australia and New Zealand. He teamed up with Paddy Hannan and Tom Flanagan and the three prospectors worked together to prospect out of Coolgardie. On 15 June 1893 they discovered gold at Kalgoorlie. Paddy Hannan returned to Coolgardie to apply for a reward claim. 

Flanagan and Shea continued prospecting the site. After the goldrush to the area, the three men did not remain to see the amazing growth of Kalgoorlie. By 1894 the original claim passed into other hands and the three men went their separate ways. 

Shea continued to “chase the weight” through the Murchison and Pilbara goldfields. 

His last years were spent in and around Perth and he died a pauper in 1908. His gravesite was restored in 1973 after a representation by Mr Tom Evans, the then Member for Kalgoorlie.