22.  Richard Greaves (1853-1916), gold miner

Richard Greaves came from Victoria in 1887 to join the prospecting party led by B. H. (Harry) Anstey in search of gold east of Northam. They found rich quartz rock at Eeanin near Lake Deborah. 

Harry Anstey returned to Perth with gold specimens, leaving the other members of his party – Greaves, Edward Payne and their Aboriginal guide Philip – to continue the search. The prospecting party found four more small reefs before they discovered the rich reef south of Lake Deborah which Greaves named “Cordelia” after his daughter. This discovery led to the later find of gold at “Golden Valley” by Bernard Colreavey and A. Huggins. 

There was controversy over who found the first gold at Yilgarn and eventually Anstey was awarded 500 pounds. Greaves and other members were unhappy that the reward was given to Anstey and not shared amongst all members of the party. 

Greaves continued to express disappointment at the lack of monetary reward and public recognition for his participation in the discovery of gold. He recorded his story in 1903 in the publication The Golden West and How It Was Discovered.