18.  Edwin Begley (1870-1917), wood joiner and aircraft builder

Edwin Begley was Australian by nationality, but died and was buried in England in 1917. The memorial placed here gives public recognition to his service during the Great War (1914-1918). 

During the war the British Government recruited experienced wood joiners from Australia to work on the construction of the Sopwith Camel aircraft in England. Edwin Begley volunteered for duty and was accepted. He travelled to England by troop ship where he worked in the Kingston on Thames Sopwith Aircraft Factory. 

Begley died in England on 6 August 1917 of illnesses associated with one of the wartime epidemics that swept England at that time. He was buried at Kingston on Thames cemetery. 

This memorial commemorates his service and sacrifice and remembers him as a native son of Australia. His grave in England is still retained with a headstone that recognises him as being from Perth, Western Australia.