16.  Sir Paul Meerna Caedwalla Hasluck (1905-1993), Governor-General of Australia

Paul Hasluck was born in Fremantle. During his illustrious career he worked as a journalist, historian, academic, writer, poet, public servant, diplomat, politician and Governor-General. 

Hasluck was a foundation member of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society. He worked for The West Australian and Western Mail newspapers. In 1941 he joined the Department of External Affairs and was one of Australia’s first representatives to the United Nations. 

In 1949 he was elected to Federal Parliament as the member for the new electorate of Curtin. He held several ministries in the Menzies Government, including Territories, Defence and External Affairs. Following his retirement from Parliament he was appointed Governor- General of Australia between 1969-1974. 

Paul Hasluck has been described by his biographer, R. Porter, as a man who had “prodigious, almost legendary capacity for hard work; a strong intellectual capability and penetrating and enquiring mind; a clear understanding of the definition of the roles and responsibilities of each area of government; a strong and enduring sense of duty; and a commitment to serving his country’s interests in a selfless and dedicated manner.” 

Hasluck was married to Alexandra Mary Hasluck, also a noted writer and constant supporter and companion during his long and distinguished career. She died five months after her husband.