1.  Tom Outridge (1898-1973), sportsman

Tom Outridge was born in Ballarat, Victoria and grew up in Kunanalling, north of Coolgardie where his father was manager of the Shamrock mine. Prior to the outbreak of the Great War, there was compulsory military training for cadet and citizens forces on the goldfields, including participation in football. 

Outridge subsequently began his football career with the Coolgardie H-Company Cadets football team. After his first game, at the age of 14 years, he was scouted by the Mines Rovers’ Football Club. He played a successful first season and when he came to Perth in 1914 was given a job with retailer Harris Scarfe and Sandover. His football prowess was already known to the local football clubs and he joined the Perth Club at the age of 16 years. His football career with Perth was undistinguished, though he tried his best over the 40 games he played with the club. 

In 1919 he joined Subiaco Football Club. This marked the beginning of a lifetime association with the club. He played 217 games with Subiaco and subsequently played for Western Australia between 1921 and 1930. 

Tom Outridge is remembered as one of the greats of ‘Aussie Rules’ and was the first-ever Sandover Medallist in 1921. He was inducted into the West Australian Football Hall of Fame in 2004. 

In addition to football, Outridge was a King’s Cup rower, long distance swimmer and first-class cricketer. He married Eileen O’Dea, sister of Joseph George O’Dea and daughter of Michael O’Dea, and was a lifetime friend of the O’Dea family with whom he is buried.