Karrakatta Cemetery Chapels


The Norfolk, Brown and Dench Chapels, collectively comprise the Karrakatta Chapels.

Located in the historic heart of Karrakatta, the chapels cater for small (Dench Chapel), medium (Brown Chapel) and large (Norfolk Chapel) groups.  As has been the tradition for well over 100 years, mourners congregate at the main driveway and then follow the hearse to the chapels.

The Chapel Facilities Summary Table shows the approximate capacity of each chapel. In addition to seating, each chapel has been designed to provide standing room at the rear. Multimedia screens are mounted in each chapel and, in the case of the largest chapel, the Norfolk, screens are also mounted externally.

Large condolence lounges are located alongside each chapel.

The Karrakatta Garden Chapel is an intimate outdoor chapel. Ideal for the summer months, the chapel is popular with families who prefer a less formal setting in a beautiful garden.

If you would like to view any of the chapels, please contact our staff to arrange a time. Viewings are scheduled around existing funeral bookings.

The Norfolk Chapel and Condolence Lounge

The classic Norfolk is the largest of the chapels, comfortably seating 96 people and another 114 standing. For very large funerals, additional space is available within a covered entry area with an external sound system. The Norfolk has a media gallery, organ loft and a quiet room as well as a spacious condolence lounge for receiving family and friends after the service.


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  • Norfolk Chapel 1
  • Norfolk Chapel 2
  • Norfolk Chapel 3
  • Norfolk Chapel 4
  • Norfolk Chapel 5
  • Norfolk Condolence Lounge 1
  • Norfolk Condolence Lounge 2
  • Norfolk Condolence Lounge 3
The Brown Chapel and Condolence Lounge

The mid-sized Brown Chapel at Karrakatta can comfortably accommodate 36 people seated, with an additional 104 standing in the chapel. For larger funerals, additional space is available in a covered area outside the chapel along with an external sound system.  An adjacent Condolence Lounge completes the facilities.


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  • Brown Chapel 1
  • Brown Chapel 2
  • Brown Chapel 3
  • Brown Chapel 4
  • Celeste Catering
The Dench Chapel and Condolence Lounge

For smaller funerals, the Dench Chapel provides a more intimate ambience. It is ideal for up to 20 people seated with another 60 standing in the chapel.  A covered area outside the chapel provides additional standing room, and a small Condolence Lounge is located adjacent. 


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  • Dench Chapel 1
  • Dench Chapel 2
  • Dench Chapel 3
  • Dench Condolence Lounge
  • Celeste staff serving platter
The Garden Chapel

Adjacent to the indoor chapel complex is the beautiful Garden Chapel. This chapel provides a picturesque but private setting for families wishing to have an intimate service in the open air.


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  • Garden Chapel 1
  • Garden Chapel 2
  • Garden Chapel 3


Food and Beverage

The MCB recognises that food and beverages are an essential part of a funeral service and has partnered with Celeste Catering; a specialist in funeral catering, to ensure that families have access to a catering service befit to cater for family farewells. Celeste have a range of packages and menus that cater for the diverse needs of our community. Beverage packages, incorporating alcohol if desired, are also offered. To view catering packages, please visit  www.celestecatering.com.au or call 1300 372 774.   

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  • Celeste Catering
  • Celeste Catering
  • Celeste Catering platters
Karrakatta Café

Light food and refreshments are available at the Karrakatta Café. This café is located just inside the Railway Road main entrance. If you are planning to invite guests home for a post funeral wake, Karrakatta Café will be pleased to prepare food platters to collect after the service.

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  • Celeste Catering
  • Celeste Catering 2
  • Celeste Catering 3


For more details about  chapels at Karrakatta Cemetery, please contact Client Services on 1300 793 109 or view the Karrakatta Cemetery Facilities Brochure.