The garden environment of Karrakatta Cemetery offers many beautiful and peaceful locations for burials. The Board has a strong commitment to maintaining these areas as restful places for personal reflection. Go to Flower and Ornament Maintenance Schedule 2021 to view upcoming dates and areas.


Denominational Areas

Karrakatta has older style denominational areas representing 37 religious or ethnic groups, including Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Jewish and Muslim.

Newer burial areas are generally non-denominational although denominational groups still tend to congregate collectively.

Depending on the area, families can select from a range of options, including monuments, kerb borders, stone tablets, headstones and statues.

Karrakatta Cemetery denominational burial area










Lawn Areas

There are also a number of general non-denominational lawn areas. These are restricted to headstones only up to a height of 1.05 metres.

Lawn burial area at Karrakatta Cemetery














Children’s Burial Area

A special garden area is dedicated to the memory of children up to 13 years. This area accommodates headstones up to 900 mm in height. A children’s memorial garden is located adjacent to the burial area, enabling memorial plaques to be placed following cremation.

Children's burial area Karrakatta Cemetery














Aboriginal Keeping Place

The ‘Keeping Place’ was the first of its kind in Australia - a holding place for the remains of indigenous people which have been previously stored in museums around the state and Australia.

A project of the Department of Indigenous Affairs, the Aboriginal Keeping Place is located in a shaded grove with natural landscaping and vegetation. The Board provided the land for the facility and was responsible for construction and landscaping.

Aboriginal Keeping Place garden at Karrakatta Cemetery











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For more details about burials at Karrakatta Cemetery, please contact Client Services on 1300 793 109 or view the Karrakatta Facilities Brochure.