Guildford Mausoleum

Swan Region Mausoleum

Set amidst the natural surrounds of the Guildford Cemetery, the Swan Region Mausoleum is an open-air, Mediterranean style garden crypt similar to the Karrakatta Mausoleum.

Visitors to the mausoleum enter through a sheltered pergola leading to the main courtyard where traditional paving, garden plantings and a row of elegant standard roses complement the natural granite crypt fronts.

A life-sized bronze statue of St Anthony and mosaic fascia panels have been incorporated as a reference to important periods in Christian history.

Swan Region Mausoleum houses 168 crypts arranged on four levels – Prayer, Heart, Eye and Heaven.

Having reached full capacity, there are no remaining crypts available for purchase at Guildford Mausoleum.  There are no current plans to extend the mausoleum or construct a second facility.

There are available crypts at the mausoleums at Karrakatta and Fremantle Cemeteries.

Further Information

For those with Italian or Croatian family members with limited English language skills, the Board has developed brief summary guides in both languages. These provide a broad overview of the mausoleums and can be requested via telephone or by downloading below:

  •  Italian Mausoleum Brochure

  •  Croatian Mausoleum Brochure

Mausoleums & Burial Vaults

A comprehensive guide to mausoleum crypts and burial vaults available in our cemeteries.