12.  Bartholomew Timothy “Bat” Daly (1867-1932), transport contractor and councillor

“Bat” Daly was born near Killarnie, Ireland, and later migrated to South Australia. He came to South Fremantle after working on the Broken Hill water supply. He bought a master carrier’s business and called his company Daly and Sons. 

The Dalys lived in “Arondale”, a large wooden house at 39 Douro Road. The house still stands today. Powerful draught horses could regularly be heard clomping as they waited for 7am to begin pulling the company’s large drays to and from the port. On weekends the horses were exercised at South Beach, and they were a star attraction in the annual Fremantle Draught Horse Derby. 

Daly served three terms with the Fremantle Municipal Council between 1909 and 1929. He was a Chief Ranger of the Irish Foresters, a social welfare group. He also served on the Fremantle Hospital Board and was the first chair of the United Friendly Societies Council. When Bat Daly died, his family held a wake at his house which became a part of local legend. Daly’s six sons later became actively engaged in the business.