Fremantle Memorials

A memorial plays an important role for those left behind and future generations to come.

It is a place of focus. A place to reflect. A place to visit.

A fitting tribute and a site of import for future generations. A memorial should be genuinely special. Whether a big plaque or a small plaque, a seat, a tree, a rock; the range of memorials available at metropolitan cemeteries is as diverse as the community for whom memorial gardens are established to serve.

Fremantle Cemetery offers many beautiful and serene memorial sites.  Memorials may be established with or without the placement of ashes.  Memorial options include:


Gardens of Remembrance

Gardens of Remembrance are located throughout Fremantle Cemetery and offer tranquil and creatively landscaped memorial locations.
Fremantle Cemetery

Gazebo Gardens

Located to offer views of the numerous eucalyptus trees throughout the landscape, the Gazebo Gardens have become a popular choice for those seeking an Australian-styled traditional cemetery setting.

Maritime Memorial Gardens

Drawing inspiration from Fremantle’s maritime history and the large associated fishing fleet, the Maritime Memorial Gardens provide a suite of memorial options.
Display Niches in Fremantle Mausolem

Mausoleum Niches

The inclusion of internal display niches at the Fremantle Mausoleum provides a unique memorial option for those wishing to commemorate a loved one.  Each display niche comprises a single compartment in which families can inter ashes and/or display memorabilia.

There are many more memorial options to consider. The options cater for a wide range of preferences and budgets.

Memorials selection appointments are complimentary and involve a short visit to the cemetery grounds with one of our staff members who will assist in locating a preferred memorial and will then guide you through finalising the inscription (i.e. wording) for the plaque. Prior to the appointment, many families have found visiting the cemetery or memorial park and having a wander through the grounds to be beneficial, as is having read the Memorial Selection Guide below. By doing this you will be able to advise our staff of your preferences. Please contact our offices to arrange a time for a selection appointment. We recommend allowing approximately one hour for your appointment. Most families prefer to send several family members to their selection appointment and we welcome this.

To view more memorial options, please take the time to view the Memorials Brochure. The Fremantle Memorial Products Map indicates availability of memorial products in each location at Fremantle Cemetery.

Commemorating Lives Lived

A comprehensive guide of memorial options available at Karrakatta,
Fremantle, Midland, Guildford Cemeteries and Pinnaroo Valley and
Rockingham Regional Memorial Parks.