Fremantle Mausoleum

Winner of Western Australia’s highest architectural accolades, the beautiful design of the Fremantle Mausoleum makes it a worthy place for eternal rest. The building and formally landscaped surrounds have a dignified and restful ambience for reflection and contemplation. The use of the finest granites and polished stone has ensured that the finished mausoleum carries an air of contemporary elegance.

The architecture is complemented by seven statues, each carved from individual blocks of granite.

The view the Fremantle Mausoleum layout click here

For those with Italian or Croatian family members with limited English language skills, the Board has developed brief summary guides in both languages. These provide a broad overview of the mausoleums and can be requested via telephone or by downloading below:

  •  Italian Mausoleum Brochure

  •  Croatian Mausoleum Brochure

Terraces Fremantle Mausoleum

The Terraces

Running along covered walkways and lined with beautiful stone columns, The Terraces is a calming location for quiet contemplation.
Garden Crypt Fremantle Mausoleum

Garden Crypt

Shaded by rows of frangipani trees, the garden crypts provide a gentle environment in which to lay a loved one to rest.
Fremantle Mausoleum internal crypts


The Fremantle Mausoleum incorporates two large sunlit chapels, each of which evokes a strong sense of everlasting spirituality. Complete with comfortable ottomans for rest, a large floral feature and statues of the Guardian Angels, the chapels are a fitting place for eternal rest.
Display Niches in Fremantle Mausolem

Display Niches

The Fremantle Mausoleum includes a number of display niches. Housed within the chapel complex, these display niches provide a unique memorial option for those wishing to commemorate a loved one within a mausoleum environment.


Below ground burial vaults are available at Fremantle for those who are seeking a below ground entombment option.

Mausoleums & Burial Vaults

A comprehensive guide to the mausoleum crypts and vaults available in our cemeteries.