Update Your Contact Details

We Need Your Help.

Getting families to keep their contact details up to date is a constant challenge for the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. Many families just don’t realise that, as family members pass on, they need to make sure that we have a current contact on our system should we need to contact you regarding a family burial or memorial location.

Whilst we are aware that the average person moves every 7.5 years, our relationship with your family will last much longer than this. We may need to speak to you now or in the distant future. The easiest way to make contact is if we have a current contact address and, if possible, a telephone number.

We ask that families take the time to have a cross-generational chat to make sure that someone is on our database. If it means getting in touch then we are happy to have as many addresses as possible on our system.

If you’d like to update the contact details for a burial or memorial location or to register yourself as an additional contact, use our search function to look up a name, open the required record and under Your Contact Details click the link to send us an email.

Alternatively you can Contact Us, or you can email us at mcb@mcb.wa.gov.au with as many details regarding the location as possible, such as names, dates, cemetery, burial or memorial. You can also contact us via telephone on 1300 793 109.