Chapels & Facilities

Part of making arrangements for a funeral service is giving families and friends the opportunity to say farewell together – this may be a celebration of life, an honouring of memories or simply and opportunity to gather together to reflect upon the life of a loved one.

Many families don’t realise that cremation services at MCB cemeteries, regardless of whether you have booked them to occur at a Funeral Director’s premises, actually include an allocation of chapel time at the cemetery. We encourage families to use this opportunity as it is included in the fees.

A funeral service at a cemetery is the traditional and preferred choice for many families. Whether it be for tradition, location convenience or the ability to accommodate larger groups of mourners, the MCB has chapels available to cater for all groups.

Chapels are traditionally used for cremation services but can also be used for burial services in which mourners congregate at the chapel for a service prior to following the hearse to the burial plot.

All chapels, with the exception of the Karrakatta outdoor Garden Chapel, incorporate audio visual multimedia systems capable of playing visual tributes during the funeral. Please enquire with your Funeral Director if you wish to develop a multimedia presentation to ensure that it will be compatible with our systems prior to your service.