Spiritual Events in the Mausoleums

Priest saying mass in Fremantle Mausoleum

A mass to commemorate All Souls Day is held in both the Karrakatta and Fremantle Mausoleum annually. An Easter Sunday Mass is held in the Karrakatta Mausoleum each year and, at Fremantle Mausoleum, a Rosary to mark the Feast of the Annunciation has become an annual event on the spiritual calendar.

Members of the community are welcome to come along to the events and join other families to mark these important spiritual occasions.

Upcoming Events

Feast of the Annunciation Rosary

Fremantle Mausoleum

Saturday 25 March - 4pm


 Easter Mass

 Karrakatta Mausoleum

 Sunday 9 April - 10am




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