Selecting an urn at Karrakatta CemeteryMemorial or, as they are often called, Cremation Urns, are used to hold the cremated remains (ashes) of a loved one. Urns come in many different sizes, designs and colours. 

Whilst some families opt to place the ashes of a loved one within one urn, an increasing number of families opt to divide the ashes into several smaller keepsake urns and then distribute them amongst family members for safe keeping. 

Choosing an urn is a very personal decision and the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board endeavours to stock a wide range of urns to cater for the diverse range of people for whom they are intended to commemorate. Our range encompasses brass, wooden and ceramic urns with displays available for perusal at our Karrakatta, Pinnaroo and Fremantle offices. 

For those wishing to carry a very personal memento of their loved one with them at all times, a selection of memorial jewellery specifically designed to hold a small amount of ash are also available. 

For families who choose to scatter the remains of a loved one at a non-cemetery location a range of biodegradable eco urns are offered. Even offering an urn specifically designed to facilitate dignified scattering to water, the urns are practical, tasteful and understated. 

Due to COVID-19, the MCB is temporarily experiencing stock availability issues with a number of the urns we traditionally make available for families. Click here to view the collection of urns that we can generally source with ease and are endeavouring to keep a stock of during this period of supply chain disturbance.   Please call the cemetery prior to a visit so we can endeavour to have the urn you are seeking available for viewing when you visit.  For more information please contact Client Services on 1300 793 109.