Memorial plaque and everlasting flowersIn Perth, 80% of funeral services are cremations and all are undertaken by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board at Fremantle Cemetery, Karrakatta Cemetery and Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park.

Many cremations are preceded by a service held in one of our chapels. The service culminates in the committal of the casket.

Each chapel is complemented by condolence lounges in which families may host mourners for light refreshments once the funeral service has concluded. 

What is cremation?

Cremation is the reduction of a body to ashes by fire conducted in a purpose-built crematorium. The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board owns and operates the latest and most energy efficient cremation equipment available.

Each crematorium is complemented by several purpose built chapels and condolence lounges in which families generally hold a remembrance service followed by the provision of light refreshments. 

What are the advantages of cremation?

Cremation is less expensive than burial. Also, burial takes up valuable land and for this reason many people consider cremation to be more environmentally friendly.

Cremation also offers families a broader range of opportunities to commemorate the deceased in a fittingly appropriate manner following the actual cremation. 


What happens to the ashes afterward?

Rose memorial garden Karrakatta CemeteryMany families create a garden memorial in one of our cemeteries for the placement of ashes. Garden memorials can range from a simple bronze plaque to a commemorative rose bush or tree; a living memorial to the dearly departed.

Alternatively, the ashes may be scattered at a location of choice or retained in an urn. We recommend that approval from a controlling authority be obtained before scattering ashes in a private or public place.

So as to establish a place of focus for future generations, many families opt to divide ashes and place some at the cemetery as part of a commemorative memorial with the remainder retained in urns and divided amongst family members or scattered to the winds at an appropriate place of significance to the deceased.

Information regarding the collection of cremation ashes from the cemetery can be found here.

Further information regarding cremation memorials can be found in the Memorials section of this website. 

How do I arrange a cremation?

Whether you are pre-planning a funeral or arranging a funeral at the time of need, a Funeral Director can help you with all of the arrangements, from the chapel booking through to the service details. 

So as to assist you in finalising arrangements, specific information regarding the facilities and services offered at each cemetery is detailed on this website. Please refer to the site of interest under the main menu or click the site of interest below for a direct link:

  •  Karrakatta Cemetery
  •  Fremantle Cemetery
  •  Guildford Cemetery
  •  Midland Cemetery
  •  Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park
  •  Rockingham Regional Memorial Park

Alternatively, the Board’s publications can be downloaded below, or can be posted to you on request: 

  •  Karrakatta Cemetery - Facilities and Services
  •  Fremantle Cemetery - Facilities and Services
  •  Midland and Guildford Cemeteries - Facilities and Services
  •  Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park - Facilities and Services

Please contact our Client Services staff on 1300 793 109 if you would like to request a copy.


Metals and Cremation

When a coffin or casket is cremated, the majority of metal components that have been surgically incorporated into the body of the deceased (such as artificial joints, plates or screws) are not destroyed by the heat of the cremator.  These surgical metal components combine with the metal remains from the coffin or casket and remain in the cremation chamber among the ashes. 

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is participating in a program that creates the opportunity to recycle the surgical metals remaining after cremation.  Funds raised from this program will be directed towards Cancer Council Western Australia.  Read more about the surgical metals recycling program.


Planning Ahead


Many families appreciate the certainty of pre-planning for their arrangements.  Click here for more details on pre-planning Cremation Agreements.


Where can I obtain more information about cremation?

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board or your Funeral Director can provide further details to assist you with making a decision or planning a funeral.

You may also contact our Client Services staff directly. They will handle your enquiry with sensitivity and understanding. Call 1300 793 109 or email: