Stage 7 Karrakatta Mausoleum artist impression of chapel interior









Ensuring that the tradition of above ground entombment can continued to be offered to the community, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is pleased to announce that after many months of working with Slavin Architects to finalise designs for a timeless, respectful and architecturally significant facility, construction of Stage Seven of the Karrakatta Mausoleum has now commenced.

The new Mausoleum will comprise outdoor crypts, an enclosed chapel and several family rooms.

It is anticipated that construction will be completed by March 2020. 

For those families interested in securing a crypt within the new Mausoleum, we strongly advise that you register your interest by contacting Client Services on 1300 793 109. Those who register their interest will be given the first opportunity to peruse the facility as construction progresses towards completion stage.


Click on the artist impressions below to enlarge:

  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - Memorial Wall
  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - Family Crypts
  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - External
  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - Bird's Eye View
  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - Ficus Tree
  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - Chapel 1
  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - Chapel 2
  • Stage 7 Mausoleum - Chapel 3

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