Fremantle Cemetery offers a range of different burial options from traditional monumental areas to lawn burial areas. A natural burial area, the first in metropolitan Perth, is also available for those families seeking this unique and environmentally sensitive option. 

Amongst the Roses Burial Estates are a new option at Fremantle and will be made available to the community in the first quarter of 2016. These graves, located within a splendid rose garden, offer a point of difference to the traditional rows of granite headstones that traditionally punctuate the cemetery landscape. Families wishing to register their interest in the Amongst the Roses Burial Estates should contact Client Services at Fremantle Cemetery on 1300 793 109 to ensure that they are amongst the first to make a selection in these new gardens when they are made available for burials.


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For more details about burials at Fremantle Cemetery, please contact Client Services on 1300 793 109 or view the Fremantle Cemetery Facilities Brochure.

Lawn burial area at Fremantle Cemetery
Monumental Graves area Fremantle Cemetery
Memorials at Fremantle Cemetery Natural Burial area