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Click here to start your search (opens in a new window), then enter the details of the name you wish to search for in the text boxes, and press the Submit button.

Search information

Our Search by Name service enables you to find details of deceased persons who are recorded in our database, including:

Our database records represent details contained on the original funeral application. We would not normally have access to information about family relations or next of kin.

Please note also that this service is provided to assist only with simple searches using the name of the deceased. It is not intended for more complex queries such as multiple interments in the same grave. For such queries, please contact our office on 1300 793 109 or e-mail us at (please allow 4 working days for a reply).

Search Tips

To narrow the search please use the following tips:-

  • Enter the first name(s) as well as the surname, especially for common names such as Smith or Jones.
  • Use the Search by Complete Surname option (the default), when you are sure of the spelling of the surname.
  • Use the Search by Beginning of Surname option only when you are not sure of the spelling of the surname e.g. Smith will also return Smithson with this option.
  • When you search a surname, many listings may be returned. Click on the name you are searching to access a Summary of Record Information.
  • On the Summary of Record Information if there is a Book of Remembrance memorial, the hyperlink will take you directly to the entry for the person.